“The year was 1983… the Celtics had Bird in the Boston Garden, Mario Brothers was released, my parents moved to the Granite state to start a small business, and there was a guy in the White House named Ronald Reagan who was keeping his promise to Make America Great Again.

I’m Tim Baxter and this is my home because my parents saw an opportunity in New Hampshire. That opportunity is still alive today, thanks to President Donald Trump, rekindling the flame of liberty, to Make America Great Again and to put America First.

I’m ready to step forward and fight for the people of New Hampshire in our quest to put America First and China Last.”

As a State Representative I’ve been a Conservative Fighter:

I’ve fought against vaccine passports.

I pushed to protect our Second Amendment rights.

I fought for tax cuts to help small businesses and families.

And like you, I know Washington DC is broken.  I’ll fight Nancy Pelosi, AOC, and the woke liberals… just as hard as I’ll fight the spineless establishment RINO’s.

“As State Representative, I joined the New Hampshire Freedom Caucus. Congress needs more strong Republicans like Jim Jordan & Rand Paul and fewer spineless politicians like Mitt Romney & Liz Cheney”

Endorsed by:

Senator Rand Paul

Republican Liberty Caucus

Congressman Thomas Massie

National Association for Gun Rights

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher